Parachute jump

Brief introductory class of controlling the free fall and parachute. Tandem jump with an expert instructor.

The jump may be for one of the partners or both.

The price varies according to season:
1/1 to 30/4 and 1/10 to 31/12

1/5 to 30/9 There is the option that another instructor jumps with the tandem to make a report of photos or DVD or both. The increase in the price for this item is, respectively, 75 €, 92 € and 119 €.

All packs include:

If you want to include a dinner, by adding 30 € per couple, the pack can be completed with a dinner at the restaurant Fortià Trull, located in an old mill oil, or adding 50 € a dinner at restaurant K la Gina in Garriguella with an attractive cuisine proposal.